Our first goal here at the Explora Madeira Diving Center is to make you feel good! A little 'as at home, in a friendly and easy atmosphere.

Forget about going to sea in large groups where for the Divemaster is hard to keep track of the sub back to him, or of those groups in which the Instructor is able to give very little attention during the course because you are too much!

Our staff is all highly qualified as PADI Instructor and Divemaster. In the water not only we respect the maximum number of people already established by the federation, but we also adopt the philosophy of small group but with high quality!

In fact, prior to being colleagues are friends, and we really enjoy what we do so, we want to convey the emotions that scuba diving has given us the time to do it and focus on quality and peace of mind!

But let's look a little 'closer who will be in the water with you!




 Emanuele Gloder:

 Open Water Scuba Instructor, EFR Instructor 

 Languages: Portuguese, English, Spanish, Franch and Italian



 Beatriz Faria:

 Open Water Scuba Instructor

 Languages: Portuguese, English, German and Italian













rafa    Rafael Jardim:

  Open Water Scuba Instructor

    Languages: Portuguese, English, German, Spanish and Italian

















Sofia Portela Site EMDC

 Sofia Portela:

 Dive Master

 Languages ​​spoken: Portuguese, English, Spanish.












Nuno Alfaiate: Open Water Scuba Instructor

Language Spoken: Portuguese, English, Spanish and French.


Sandro: Divemaster

Language Spoken: Portuguese, English and French.



JackExploraMadeira Jack Sparrow:


 Languages ​​spoken: Multilanguage